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Service tenet

We take "customer service, the user is responsible for, so that customer satisfaction" for the purpose, all aspects of service to our customers.

Service commitment

The commitment to our customers is:

The factory products meet quality, reliable, get rid of early fault in the factory;

The product in the user process, found quality problems, make a reply within 48 hours after receiving the usernotification, or send service personnel to deal with, and do not rule out the fault repair personnel evacuation;

Machine tool and special machine tool products, strict supervision and internal user acceptance system;

The enterprise of the factory's products, to provide spare parts repair, repair and make service according to user requirements.

Service hotline

+86 731 8899 2129, +86 731 8899 2138

Accessories sales hotline

+86 731 8899 2128

Complaints Hotline

+86 731 8899 2158?+86 181 662 88888

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