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Brand interpretation

I. Creative purpose

In order to more effectively promote the protection of the company's corporate brand and company logo, the company intends to design this work for the promotion of the company logo and company brand image, so that the public can more accurately distinguish it from other similar or similar services and commodity.

II. Creative process

Our company's business name and trademark are both "Jinling". In order to make the company's brand go international, we have derived our international English brand "JINLING". The picture was conceived on March 3, 2013, after the author's unique conception, he set out to create, making full use of art design, combining both text and pattern. Our creation is improved on the basis of the brand logo designed in October 1996. Our creation is improved on the basis of the brand logo designed in October 1996. We retain and enhance this logo image to make it more of a new era in the 21st century. 3D stereo, self-reliance, self-sustainment, self-confidence, and color enhance the brand's visual image. This design method can reflect the corporate style of “joyful, dynamic, united and innovative”.

Its design inspiration comes from the following concepts: The overall design of the enterprise VI is mainly designed in red and blue colors, and the overall mix shows the company's corporate culture of efficiency, professionalism, passion, and transcendence. The entire pattern is mainly composed of capital letters J, L, and O. This graphic work mainly reflects the corporate vision of "power", "three-dimensional", "innovation", "cooperation", and "technology", which prominently reflects the company's broad and profound essence. The lower part of the trademark is like a pair of hands. It is the combination of the initial letters J and L of JINLING, which symbolizes the hard-working and intelligent hands of Jinling people. Blue represents the foundation, dreams, and longing. "O" is like a rising sun, symbolizing the crystallization of the wisdom and technology of the Jinling people for more than 60 years. Red represents positiveness, initiative, enthusiasm, and strength. The metaphor of the entire trademark is very clear, symbolizing that all Jinling people hold up a round of sunrise with united hands. Jinling's vigorous career is like the rising sun, thriving, and flourishing. It is full of vitality and charm, full of future and hope. It symbolizes science and art, and represents the company's values-to achieve its mission, go all out, break the traditional conservative, and break through the moral of the status quo. This work is beautiful, unique and unique. This work was drawn using the drawing tool CorelDRAW.

After 8 revisions, it was completed in Changsha City, Hunan Province on August 9, 2017.

III, the publishing situation

This work was first published in Changsha on August 09, 2017.

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