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Peller group has three production bases in Guangzhou, Hunan and Binzhou. It has developed and manufactured a number of series and dozens of varieties of equipment and instruments, and has gathered a number of development and project teams with solid technology and rich practical experience to serve the markets at home and abroad.


PUHLER(Guangdong)Smart Nano Technology CO.,Ltd

Peller intelligence was founded in September 2007 and successfully reformed its shares in December 2015. It plans to apply for listing on the science and innovation board. Headquartered in Guangzhou, the company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in consulting, R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, commissioning and installation of high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing industry, complete production lines of new energy and new materials, complete production lines of online lithium battery slurry (LIB), and flexible production lines (FMS) of digital and intelligent chemical plants.

Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Technology Group Co., Ltd

Located in Changsha County, Changsha City, Jinling machine tool (formerly Changsha No.2 Machine Tool Factory) is a large lathe production base manufacturer designated by the former machinery department with more than 60 years of lathe production experience as the core with the approval of Changsha Municipal People's Government in 2004. It further strengthens the technical foundation, activates the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise, and becomes the endogenous driving force of the group's R & D and innovation. Among the national machine tool enterprises, Peller group is enterprise that makes both five axis CNC lathes and new energy intelligent equipment.


PUHLER(Shandong) new material Co., Ltd

Located in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, it mainly serves customers all over the country, producing new nano materials of puhler powder, zircon sand, zircon powder and zirconium silicate, processing and sales, zirconium aluminum composites, alumina products, ceramic membrane and honeycomb ceramics.

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