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60p-c five axis milling and turning compound machining center

Model: 60P-C

Hits: 93

Type: Special purpose machine tool

Machine briefly main machine performance specifications line casting rigid structure configuration design features | | mechanics analysis and design Full box heat symmetrical casting structure, use level of meehanite cast iron tempered with natural aging treatment stresses in the structure natural frequency of vibration stress material processing
Large area high rigid column design, rigid and static, dynamic precision three axis hollow cooling lead screw driven CNC swing milling head (B axis) design features built-in DD motor zero drive chain no backlash design

Speed up characteristics spindle tool tip and structure support point span, achieve cutting rigidity of YRT bearing with Heideham high precision rotary encoder measuring system, full closed-loop control, precision spindle, B axis cooling system design, reduce heat transfer rotary table (C axis)
Design features built-in DD motor with zero drive chain and no backlash design YRT bearing with high acceleration and deceleration reaction characteristics and large rigidity and rated driving torque
Positioning processing with table positioning clamping device milling and milling car compound two processing needs, reduce the removal of parts, product precision with Heidenham high precision rotary encoder measuring system, full closed-loop control, precision cooling system design, reduce heat transfer.

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