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Turnover polishing machine

Model: JL-500-8P 2.5D

Hits: 79

Type: Special purpose machine tool

Mainly used in mobile phone glass, camera lens, tablet computer and other products surface polishing. Main features: · The upper grinding plate is divided into four front and four back plates with a total of eight sides. When the back four plates are in polishing work, the front four plates can be used for finished product recovery and product placement to be polished at the same time, which shortens the stand-by time of equipment and production efficiency; · The upper grinding disc is divided into four small plates, and different adsorption fixtures can be installed according to the appearance of different products, which is widely applicable; · Each surface of the upper grinding disc is composed of four small disks, which has a small force area and can also produce good polishing benefits for the product periphery with large arc edge drop; · The spindle of the upper millstone adopts a fixed spindle structure, which avoids the shaking of the upper millstone during processing, removes the undesirable phenomena such as wavy tread Angle produced in the product processing, and improves the polishing quality of the product; · The spindle motor of the lower grinder is controlled by the frequency converter, and the variable speed and reverse control are stable and convenient; · The product clamping adopts vacuum adsorption, which is convenient and fast; · The vacuum part is installed with a water-air separation device, which can save polishing fluid and reduce the suction of polishing fluid back to the vacuum machine; · The polishing fluid flume adopts inclined groove drainage structure, which makes the cleaning machine more convenient; · Double-layer cooling is adopted in the grinding barrel to reduce the defective products caused by high temperature; · Machine control adopts touch control panel, automatic setting, the more concise the panel, the more convenient to master; · The system has the function of product processing piece rate, which makes it easy to know the equipment capacity; · The system has multiple alarm functions, such as stable lock alarm, over-current alarm, overload protection, low-voltage alarm, etc., to ensure equipment security. Processing product guarantee; · PLC is used for electrical control, and PT man-machine interface displays various operating parameters of the equipment. Device dimensions [length * width * height]Overalsize(L*/W*H) 2100*1865*1710mm

设备重量Machine weight


气源压力Air pressure


总功率Total power


下盘workpiece plate


上盘polishing plate


5.5寸可放5.5 inches can be placed

36 pieces

4.7寸可放4.7 inches can be placed

42 pieces

下转盘主轴异步电机Lower turntable spindle asynchronous motor

11kw 100r/min

下转盘主轴转速Lower turntable spindle speed

100r/min max

上转盘主轴电机Upper turntable spindle motor

0.2kw 20r/min

上转盘主轴转速Upper turntable spindle speed


上翻转体上下推送气缸Upper turnover body push cylinder up and down

缸径 cylinder dia. Φ100mm 行程 stroke 550mm

上翻转体翻转推送气缸Upper turnover body turnover push cylinder

缸径cylinder dia. Φ80mm 行程 stroke 200mm

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