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Jl-p3-12m-qd CNC automatic grinding and polishing machine

Model: JL-P3-12M-QD

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

Jl-p3-12m-qd CNC automatic polishing machine main features:

1, equipment introduction < (including the basic introduction to the function) : The equipment adopts CNC five-axis linkage CNC principle, equipped with symmetrical four sides, each surface of three groups of grinding disc, and straight line linkage three groups of workpiece fixture. Product clamping through numerical control programming, at the same time can be the workpiece product five face grinding.

2. Equipment composition: grinding head assembly part, mechanical X/Y/Z/A/C five axes, workbench assembly part and electric control system, general control system, automatic sprinkler system. Water cycle filter assembly, vacuum suction assembly part (excluding vacuum pump), soundproof dust board room.

3. Functional features: This machine adopts four symmetrical linkage of three groups of millstones, straight linkage of three groups of parts. The workpiece is fixed by vacuum adsorption, and the abrasive is fixed quickly by the operation buckle. It is equipped with four sides and three groups of grinding disks, a total of 12 grinding heads. The processing program code is generated by UG programming and then imported into the equipment controller to complete the programming.

The 3D surface/side/plane of the 3 products was polished in rough/medium/fine/fine one-stop. The work table has 3 groups of work stations, each station at the same time polishing the product 5 surface, quality stability and higher efficiency.

Workpiece can adopt vacuum adsorption device (optional vacuum pump).

4. Working principle: the conventional workpiece is vacuumed on the fixture, and the abrasive is fixed on the grinding head with the operation patch. The 5-axis of the product is polished by G code programming. According to the process requirements, select spray or spray grinding liquid, intelligent control of spray time and spray amount of liquid, ensure product quality stability, effectively provide yield.

Jl-p3-12m-qd numerical control automatic polishing machine technical parameters:

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