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Jl-dp1140 3D surface polishing machine

Model: Jl-dp1140 3D

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

Jl-dp1140 3D surface polishing machine

It is suitable for polishing 2.5D and 3D cover plates of non-metallic materials such as glass and ceramic, as well as the back cover of metal materials such as aluminum alloy.

Adopt double station 10 workpiece plate design, one station polishing work, the other station can feed and unload, so as to realize the non-stop loading and unloading operation. The workpiece plate can rotate, and can be driven by the lower support plate under the revolution, the disc is driven separately and the steering is opposite to the workpiece plate, the equipment is stable, processing efficiency, high yield.

Equipment performance and characteristics:

1. When polishing work at one station, the other station can feed and discharge the material. After polishing the workpiece at one station, the loading device will move to another station with good material to continue polishing work, so as to realize the loading and unloading operation without stopping.

2, the equipment has a drive, five workpiece disk can realize rotation and revolution movement. The drive motors of the hanging plate and workpiece plate are regulated by a single frequency converter to satisfy different polishing process requirements.

3, vacuum adsorption of workpiece, and with detection function, abnormal, the equipment automatically alarm shutdown, can avoid workpiece damage.

4, the equipment is equipped with real air liquid separation device, automatic drainage.

Parameters of JL-P1140 3D surface polishing machine:

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