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CKD6163 CNC lathe

Model: CKD6163

Hits: 185

Type: Special purpose machine tool

CKD6163 CNC lathe: 9,900 sets of economic CNC turning, suitable for medium to large volume production applications. CKC/CKD SERIES CNC LATHES ARE vertical (Z), horizontal (X) two coordinate control CNC horizontal LAthes, modular electromechanical integrated design, the overall layout is compact and reasonable, the design and requirements of human body engineering mechanics. Each machine tool is operated with standard Siemens, FANUC, Canton Digital, CENTRAL China AUTOMATION NUMERICAL control system or customized automatic solutions to form a flexible production system. It can automatically complete the shaft and disk parts, turn the inner and outer surface of the end face and the rotating body, cut the black metal and the non-ferrous metal speed demand, suitable for the rotating body parts, large quantities, high precision processing. Suitable for energy, chemical, light industry, mold, bearing, carbon, engineering machinery, mechanical and electrical, papermaking, automobile, teaching machine and other industries.

Performance characteristics:

1. Design and requirements of exterior ergonomic mechanics, fully enclosed design. The layout of the left pull door and the right control table avoids the leakage of coolant and provides a stable and comfortable working environment for the owner.

2, CKD series spindle is driven by servo main motor, multi-wedge belt drive, high speed, large torque, wide speed range, low noise

3, machine X, zZ direction driven by servo motor, drive ball screw nut rotation drive, the theoretical control accuracy of 0.001mm.

4, the front end of the bed is equipped with an auxiliary guide rail, auxiliary support bed saddle, further the stability of the machine tool cutting and the rigidity of the machine.

5, bed saddle and transverse slide guide are "plastered" processing, moving parts can realize trace feed, can crawl. The bed saddle is equipped with a centralized lubrication system to force thin oil lubrication on the guide rail joint surface and ball screw nut. The dynamic response characteristics of the machine tool and prolong the service time of the guide rail and lead screw.

6. The spindle of the tail seat of the machine tool is a rotatable sleeve structure, and the whole movement of the tail seat adopts the bed saddle dragging way, or the electric dragging form can be adopted according to the need. The tailseat is equipped with force measuring device, which can control the size of the jacking force and machining accuracy. Mechanical and electrical integration design, the overall layout is compact and reasonable, the design and requirements of human engineering mechanics, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed protection design. The main shaft is driven by servo motor, with high speed, large torque, wide speed range and low noise. The X and Z direction of the machine is driven by servo motor, which drives the ball screw nut to rotate. The theoretical control accuracy is 0.001mm. The saddle guide is treated by "sticking plastic". The overall movement of the tail seat of the machine tool adopts the way of bed saddle dragging. StandardAccessories: φ325 three-jaw chucks and flanges, φ200 [for more than 3 meters (including 3 meters)], top jian, middle sleeve, tools, anchor screws, adjusting pad iron, instructions for machine tool.

3 - jawchuck phi 325 & flange, [centersdistanceismorethan3000mm include3000mm forstedayrest phi 200, Deadcenters, reductionsleeve, maintenancekit, foundattonbolts/nuts, levelblocks, machinetoolmanual. OptionalAccessories: Four jaw chuck and flange, faceplate, dial, 4 - (3 meters) jawchuck&flange, faceplate, driveplate, steadyrest (lessthan3000mm) matching system or function (OptionalSysteemorFunction) : φ130 bore spindle; optional for unlabeled system or function.

高 Center height mm 315,415,465
床身上大工件回转直径 Max swing over bed mm 630,830,930
刀架上大工件回转直径 Max swing over carriage mm 310,490,590
大工件长度 Max. part length mm 10,001,500,200,030,000,000
大车削长度(床鞍行程)Max. turning mm 8,501,350,185,028,500,000
主轴孔径 Spindle bore diameter mm φ105,φ130
主轴孔锥度 Spindle bore taller
公制 120,公制 140
主轴转速级数 Number of steps of spindle speed
CKC 型:18 级(手动变速)CKD 型:2 档无级调速(变频器变速)、主轴伺服
主轴转速规模 Range of spindle speed r/min 13-1000/10-800
主电机功率 Main motor power kW 11
尾座套筒直径 Quill diameter mm φ100
尾座套筒锥度 Quill taper
尾座套筒行程 Quill travel mm 260
尾座横向行程 Quill travel of tailstock mm ±15
快速移动速度 rapid traverse mm X:4000 Z:8000
X 向行程 X travel mm/min 370,530,530
Z 向行程 Z travel mm 8,501,350,185,028,500,000
刀杆截面尺寸 Size of tool rot mm×mm 32×32
定位精度 Positioning accuracy mm X:0.03,Z:0.04,0.045,0.05
重复定位精度 Repeatability mm X:0.012,Z:0.016,0.02,0.025
圆度 Roudness mm 0.005,0.01
平面度 Flatness mm 0.025/300(只许凹)
外貌精糙度 Surface roughness um Ra1.6
标准配置数控系统 Standard CNC System
GSK980TDi / 西门子 808D
机床尺寸 Dimensions 长 Length mm 31,553,620,413,551,300,000

宽 Width mm 175,019,501,950

高 Height mm 170,018,501,950

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