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T-v856s precision high speed vertical machining center

Model: T-V856S

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

1, the device description T - V856S rail type vertical line processing, is a medium-sized and small specifications of the machine tool, workpiece after a clamping can be done automatically and continuously milling, drilling, reaming, boring, enlarge, economic, tapping and other processes processing, machine is suitable for small and medium-sized housing, board, plate, valves, shell, mould etc many kinds of medium and small batch processing of complex parts. The machine adopts high-precision rail and lead screw, the machine has good dynamic responsiveness, can achieve cutting, no crawling at low speed, in precision parts, 3C products, hardware, auto parts, equipment industry has been applied. The structure of the whole machine is fixed column type, cross slide table structure.

The fuselage adopts stable base, high rigidity of long span herringbone column, cutting without vibration and deformation. The whole machine is completely enclosed and protected. The machine is beautiful in shape, easy to master and maintain. The foundation large pieces are made of resin sand molding and strength cast iron material, so that the machine can get high rigidity and stable precision. The three-axis guide adopts roller rail bearing, high rigidity, low friction, low noise. Large diameter C3 LEAD rod, with PRE-DRAWING structure, cancel part of the thermal extension, lead rod bearing using self-lubrication, prolong bearing time. The knife library adopts 24 knife arm type knife library of platform group, with good quality and stable performance.

The spindle is equipped with a BT40-12000R /min direct head. The front end of the spindle is designed with a labyrinth, and the air curtain protection function is provided to prevent cutting fluid from entering the spindle bearing. Displacement type and forced lubricating oil system are equipped to ensure good lubrication of all moving parts of the machine. Machine tool chip removal standard on both sides of the slope after flushing chip removal, water tank rear design, automation, humanization, ensure efficiency. Double water tank filter system structure, provide good cutting fluid for workpiece processing.

Equipped with Mitsubishi M80 CNC system, to ensure the stability of the machine control, but also to ensure the user requirements of CNC machining function and auxiliary functions. Working conditions (1) three-phase AC power supply: 380V±5%; 50Hz±1Hz, main power line 8mm? or large, ground line 8mm? or large (2) Ambient temperature: 8 ~ 40C? (3) Relative humidity: ≤80% (4) Keep away from light source, vibration source and heat source, and keep away from high-frequency power generator, discharge motive, welding machine, etc., to avoid electrical interference and failure of NC system of machine tool.

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